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How to Save Money on Food & Beverage

Nowadays, buffet catering is a more popular choice among event organizers as it allows guests to choose how much food they want to consume and allows them more freedom for networking. Therefore, a lot of event organizers choose to prepare a buffet catering to entertain their guests during business events, seminars or corporate parties.

But before you engage a caterer to set up a buffet catering for your event, there are some things that you need to prepare. In this article, let me share with you some tips so that you can prepare for a buffet catering and hire a professional caterer to do all the legwork for you.

1. Estimate the total number of guests for your event. I know it is impossible to determine the exact number of guests before your event but you need to work out an estimate. Always do a count at least 1 week before the actual date. Do take note that there will always be 5% to 10% of people who will not turn up for your event even though they have registered with you. In this way, the number will be more accurate and you will not order too much food.

2. Decide on the menu. Decide on the type of menu that you want to prepare for your guests. There are different menu types such as Western food, Japanese food, Chinese Food, etc. A professional caterer will be able to take care of your request for any type of menu required.

3. BBQ buffet? Decide on whether you want to have a BBQ buffet. If the event that you are going to organize is informal, you can consider getting a BBQ buffet to create a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Allocate a big space for the caterer to work on. A buffet catering needs a huge space to set up and therefore you should allocate a bigger space in the venue for the caterers to work on. If the space is too small, your guests will have trouble taking food and this will give your guests an unpleasant experience.

5. Prepare all the details and let the caterer know. In order to get things started, you need to have all the necessary details ready. Without the details, the caterer cannot give you a quotation. You need to let the caterer know how many people are attending your event, the actual date of the event, the time the event finishes and most importantly your expectation. If the caterer does not understand your expectations, then both of you will not be able to work well together.

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