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How to Create Great Content to Promote Your Event

As we all know content is “king” or “queen” 🙂 in the day and age of social media, blogging, and content blitzing. As with most events, it’s all about producing the biggest bang for the buck when you don’t have unlimited funds.

One of the most effective ways to pull this off is investing time into creating great content. Nothing speaks louder than creative content that educates and entertains. Two of the most powerful weapons you can leverage today are video combined with social media. So let’s dive in and discuss some tips of how to become the next content marketing BEAST!!!

Create Lots of Content

Content creation should not start after you’ve booked and planned the event. It should start months before, as you start offering insight, tips, and knowledge on anything and everything related to the event you’re hosting.

If you’re hosting a concert, for example, you can:

Interview band members

*Share those interviews in videos posted on your website, social sites, and Youtube
*Create blog posts featuring all or part of the interview
*Share the interview in a podcast
*Isolate certain parts of the interview and share snippets online
*Offer the interview – or part of it – to music magazines with a link to your event

Create infographics about the band

*Feature little-known facts about the band, music industry, genre, or preferred instruments
Share these on all of your social sites

Blog About These Topics

*The musicians
*The history of the venue
*The history of music in that city
*The music industry as a whole
*The genre of music this band fits into
*Tips from musicians
*Tips about learning to play music
Share top stories related to the band itself, other concerts the band has played at, and anything else related to the entire music genre that the event features.

Create Videos Sharing

*A tour of the venue
*A tour of the band’s practice sessions
*An excited fan’s anticipation of the event
*A created “music video” to promote the event

By beginning to share content well before the event, you can build a reputation for having the best insights and create loyal followings.

For best results with video, be casual. Really casual. Share some interesting or funny tidbits about the event. Post exclusive interviews. Talk about an important message the event promotes or something meaningful to the people behind the event.

Authentic videos will get so much more attention and loyalty than salesy videos.

These are some quick tips and creative ways to fill your event without breaking the bank. Once you get started, you’re sure to find even more fun ways to share the event, get followers, and sell out fast.

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