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How To Create Events For Millenials

There’s information out there that indicates millennials generate strong ideas of brands not solely from going to an event, but from materials, they’ll be exposed to before the event and after.  

These days there’s a lot of experiential marketing taking place. This can come in the form of things you might encounter at different sporting events or music festivals, to pop-up shops within certain city areas.  People who market events might feel like the best thing to focus on would be the type of experience people are going to have at the actual site, but they have to focus on more than that.

Research indicates that it’s especially important to know how a younger part of the consumer market ( those under the age of 35) are going to perceive promotions before an event. Often, more importantly, how they will be followed up with after the event.

Aside from the event alone, these sorts of experiences are going to be what contributes to building the impression this younger person is going to have of your brand. With this being the case, it is important that things are planned out strategically and with considerable deep thought.

In one study titled “What Do Millennials Really Want From Brands?”  reserchers looked at responses from more than 800 people under the age of 35. The respondents provided information on ways the communication by the brand impacted them before, during and after a certain event.  Below were the results:

*40% of people stated that if an invitation didn’t look good or the event web page didn’t look good, then they wouldn’t go to the event

*56% of people said they joined the email list of a certain brand due to the event itself while 67% said they follow on social media due to the event

*Attractive inquires to attend an event was a really strong factor in order to increase the odds of an ongoing association

*12% of respondents stated that they won’t go to a brand event unless they can be sure that at least one friend is going to be going

*28% of first-time goers to a brand event stated that they don’t make a decision or respond to RSVPs until the actual day the event happens

*73% of the people who responded stated that they’ll go to a brand event solely based on who the guest speaker will be or the entertainment that will be provided

*56% of people will go to a brand event due to the networking opportunities that exist

*47% will go to a brand event in order to collect free merchandise that’s being handed out

Some of the merchandise respondent’s will go to a brand event for vary in terms of their value, but in some cases, they can be quite valuable. 19% of respondents said that the only reason they can recall an event is due to the merchandise that was given away.

14% stated that they remembered a brand event because something took place that they didn’t see coming.

14% said that they remembered the entertainment or guest speaker at these events the most while 10% said that the opportunities for photos stood out the most.

Event follow-up that seems to be most effective includes a link to an event webpage where event pictures can be seen.  The only issue with this is that 75% of people who responded said they want a brand to get in touch with them within 48 hours after an event is completed with the link to these pictures.

Top points? 92% of those under 35 are open to getting emails, as long as they are personalized. In addition, coupon deals, early bird purchases for upcoming events and opportunities to become involved also ranked highly.

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