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Getting Introvert Guests At Your Event To Feel Comfortable

A lot of the people who attend your events will be outgoing and ready to experience excitement, but others who may come will be more on the quiet side.

In fact, some of the people you need to attend your events the most would rather stay in the house and take in some good reading versus coming to an event.

These people may qualify as introverts and they’re a very large group. Sometimes they can be flat out shy, but in a lot of cases, they’re just strategic about where they choose to allocate their energy.

If you can get these types of people to come to your events, then what might you be able to do in order to get them comfortable? Here are some methods you can employ in order to achieve this. 

Make the event program for your event customizable

The ability to go about things in a personalized way will help introverted attendees feel more comfortable. They won’t feel stuck and they can focus only on those things that are going to interest them.  In order to make this work you still need to make sure you have very specific information about things on the event schedule.

Introverts need to be able to decide who they’ll interact with and when they want to take a breather from it all.

Don’t make it mandatory to participate in a group

While most people have a lot of fun with group-related activities, introverts are going to feel different. They might be guarded and protective. Maybe they might feel socially awkward and just plain uncomfortable. In order to take away these concerns, you need to make group related activities optional.

You can also create areas where everyone will feel at ease to let their guards down a little. Introverts prefer to listen more than they speak unless what they hear is truly interesting to them and their expression won’t be too focused on.

Don’t spring surprises on introverts related to interactions or socializing

The last thing any introvert wants is for someone to approach them in a crowd, put a microphone in their face and start putting them on the spot about the event. It brings about high anxiety and stress. In order to help with this, all you have to do is speak with the moderators or speakers at your events to let them know what to do and what not to do. The main thing is telling them not to force people to talk or engage in any way.

Instead, you may want to try something like anonymous polls or question and answer segments done through mobile apps you have created for your event.

Allow attendees to have some degree of control over the experience

Networking is something that introverts or more outgoing people don’t particularly look forward to. The majority of people prefer not to interact with strangers. Introverts experience this discomfort to an even higher degree and will usually look for ways to disconnect from their surroundings and the people in it.

The best way to handle this is to create a controlled environment. Introverts need a degree of certainty in order to eliminate stress even more than extroverts might.

Create areas for people to go in order to relax

Introverts more than anyone needs to have time alone in order to think about things or just collect their energy. Going to an event can be really tiresome, especially because of the high energy surrounding them.  So if possible offer up an area where people can go to unwind alone.

Catering to the needs of every sort of guest at your event will be next to impossible but in order to make sure a good experience for people you’ll want to follow these tips mentioned above. Introverts will be more likely to come and you never know how important one of them might end up being.

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