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Crush Your Next Event Leveraging the Power of Social Media

When it comes to creative marketing you really have to think outside the box and go guerilla. The benefit in thinking creatively is that you can sidestep competition and use methods that are untapped.

The laws of supply and demand can really work against you particularly when located in a busy city where every business, news outlet and media professional are bombarded with a pick of the litter. So here are some creative promotional strategies you can implement to leverage social media to the max.

Hack Social Media

You should absolutely be on social media as an event organizer, and using social media to its fullest is the only logical next step.

Here are some ideas to get folks excited about the event, loyal to your event planning or the venue (or both), coming back to your website or social profiles daily to check out new content, and more.

Tap Into Twitter

Twitter is a HUGE platform for event planners, speakers, musicians, and other creatives. If you know how to use the site effectively, you can:

  • Tap into existing trending hashtags
  • Create your own unique event hashtag
  • Run contests
  • Start conversations with potential attendees
  • Share snippets of wisdom from speakers
  • Get folks excited with custom images
  • And so, so much more


Speaking of hashtags, you should use them.

You can create your own hashtags based on the event, tap into existing hashtags, or both. When you create your own hashtag, be sure to choose something simple and memorable. Too many words, a complicated phrase, or something not obviously related to the event could be so hard to remember that they’re misused or not used at all. For best results, the event name and year or an event slogan would be easy to remember and (should be) easy to spell.

You can also take advantage of trending hashtags. Just search Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook for trending hashtags, and find one relevant to your event. By using the hashtag, you’ll show up in searches that many people are currently looking at, so you’ll get better exposure.

When you’re using hashtags to increase your exposure online, you want to be sure to include a link to the event and a tiny blurb about the event in your profile’s bio. This will help direct folks from your post to your event to buy tickets.

Partner With Sponsors

Sponsors are almost an obvious choice for creative funding. Learning how to offer sponsors a deal that you and they will both love, though, can maximize that relationship.

For example, if you want to advertise in a particular newspaper or billboard, working with a sponsor can help. In exchange for funding that advertisement, you can offer that sponsor’s logo not only on your website and other event materials but on the same advertisement that they’re helping to pay for.

It’s a win-win with increased advertising for both you and the sponsor. But you have to know how to get creative with your requests so that you make lasting relationships that benefit both you and the sponsor.

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