Crowned Free Interview

Screenshot of Crowned Free Interview showing Heidi, Andrea, and Jill

Crowed Free is a fashion company that gives back to the fight against human trafficking. They help fund programs to rehabilitate and rescue women from trafficking and over 50% of their products are made by women in recovery. Listen to the interview to learn how this amazing business was born and their mission to provide financial support and jobs to those in recovery.

Sewing for Angels – Today’s Rosie the Riveter

today we have two incredible women who have done an absolutely amazing thing in the last two months, I think it’s been. Does that sound about right? I have the folks from Sewing for Angels, today’s Rosie the Riveter Group. And if you don’t know about these folks, you need to. So pay attention. This is important. This group started February, and I have the co-founders here together, Mary Beth Kratsas and Becky Auer, and I’m going to introduce them both to you. Ladies, why don’t you tell me how it all started.

Paulette Zanotti – Event Director Pittsburgh’s Syria Shriners

And back when I started. And probably back when you started, there weren’t courses in colleges for event management and the things of that nature. A lot of that was you fell into it, however that may be. And so I actually traced this back all the way back to my grandmother. I grew up in a very cultural home with an Italian nationality and a Slovak nationality. But I blame my Italian grandmother on this. She grew up in a very small, very tiny, close knit community.

Ginny Fugino – Owner of Blacktie South Florida

Hi, everybody. This is Jill with The Event Technique and Eventsburgh, and we are doing some really cool interviews with various meeting planners and event people across the United States. And today, we are lucky enough to be talking with Ginny Fujino, who is the head of Blacktie South Florida. And welcome, Ginny. It’s good to see you.