Photo of casual dinner setting on outdoor banquet table
5 Tips You Can Use When Planning an Outdoor Event
It's springtime a good and bad time of the year for event planners. The weather is nice enough for a beautiful outdoor event but at the same time pollen is ...
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Photo of back of crowd at a music concert
10-Step Blueprint to Planning Your Event
1. Get a clear understanding of the purpose of the event marketing promotion. An organizational event needs to be clearly defined, in order to focus all efforts towards the desired ...
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Photo of a desktop with a book and paper about marketing
2 Marketing Methods That Will Sell Out Your Venue Fast
As the old saying goes when everyone else Zigs you Zag! Following the herd will rarely get you ahead of the pack. Particularly when it comes to the ultra-competitive and ...
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Photo of person holding up a cellphone toward a city skyline
Crush Your Next Event Leveraging the Power of Social Media
When it comes to creative marketing you really have to think outside the box and go guerilla. The benefit in thinking creatively is that you can sidestep competition and use ...
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Photo of person working at laptop computer
Do It Yourself Event Marketing Tips
Your event is planned, the date is set, but now what? How can you take the event from a simple idea to one of the most talked-about events within your ...
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Photo of cellphone on Facebook with Scrabble tiles spelling out "Social Media"
Get Interactive And Fill Your Events At Lightning Speed!
The current generation of consumers has admitted, many times, to wanting to be actively engaged in whatever they’re doing or attending instead of acting as “passive consumers.” The difference between ...
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Photo of a group of people wearing RFID bracelets with their hands together in the center of a circle
How RFID Technology Can Help Make Your Event the Talk of the Town
If you could improve your event turnout and easily become the talk of the town with one small product, would you buy it? What if that product could also get ...
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Photo of person snapping a clapperboard
How to Create Great Content to Promote Your Event
As we all know content is "king" or "queen" 🙂 in the day and age of social media, blogging, and content blitzing. As with most events, it's all about producing ...
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Photo of people on a dance floor
How to Get FREE Publicity for Your Event!
Planning an event takes so much work that sometimes it’s easy to forget about what may be the most important part: marketing the event. After all, no matter how stellar ...
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Photo of man cooking at a commercial grill
How to Make Sure Your Food Fest Doesn’t Crash & Burn
Your guests have arrived and come on empty stomachs just for the occasion. The choices you’re providing look good enough to eat, no pun intended. The prices make things look ...
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Photo of banquet table setting with centerpieces
How to Save Money on Food & Beverage
Nowadays, buffet catering is a more popular choice among event organizers as it allows guests to choose how much food they want to consume and allows them more freedom for ...
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Photo of woman working at a table with a laptop
How to Start Your Event Planning Business Without the Headache
There are over 28 million entrepreneurs in the US and many of you experience event organizers may be ready to break out on your own. This could be in the ...
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Photo of a group looking at posts on a bulletin board
The Art of Event Planning – How to Plan the Perfect Event
In order to plan an event, you need to establish dates and alternate dates, budgeting, choosing and reserving venue location, obtaining permits and coordinating transportation and parking, along with event ...
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Photo of deskop where man is doing paperwork
Top Event Marketing Strategies of 2019
It’s a new year, and event organizers need to find new and better ways to market their events in 2019. With changing social media usage and a new generation of ...
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Photo of roll of ticket stubs
Want Sell-Out Events? Try These Tactics
Let’s start with some good news: People are attending live events in record numbers. In fact, according to 2018 poll, 78% of Americans attended a live event the year prior ...
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