Photo of people clinking wine glasses
How To Create Events For Millenials
There’s information out there that indicates millennials generate strong ideas of brands not solely from going to an event, but from materials, they’ll be exposed to before the event and ...
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Photo of person working at laptop covered in stickers
5 Methods To Grow Your Email List Prior To Your Event
It doesn’t matter if you start to pull your event together within the next few days or a few weeks, you are going to need to get details of it ...
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Photo of woman holding money
The Good And Bad Of Using Crowdfunding To Finance Your Next Event
Events cost a lot of money to organize, particularly if the primary source of revenue is dependent on ticket sales. It can be tough to put together the cash in ...
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Photo of people looking at a laptop screen
6 Methods You Can Use To Conserve Time When Executing Your Event
We all know methods you can use to save time with putting together an event right? These would include having a strong action protocol, assigning tasks to other people, using ...
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Photo of cellphone on Facebook with Scrabble tiles spelling out "Social Media"
6 Facebook Like Methods And Tools For Events That Are Effective
Want to know how to utilize Facebook Live in order to better your events and propel them to a higher level? The team at Facebook Live shared some of the ...
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Photo of man setting by himself at an outdoor event
Helping Introverted Guests Feel Comfortable At Your Event
Many guests who attend your events will be outgoing and ready to experience excitement, still others may be more on the quiet side. In fact, some of the people attending ...
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Photo of person holding two mobile phones to record a concert
17 Event Signage Ideas That Boost Attendee Experiences
If you’re event doesn’t have the proper signage to guide attendees and assist them in finding what they want, then your event can go south really fast. Signs do not ...
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Photo of concert stage from the back of the venue
4 Tips You Can Use To Assist You With Pricing Your Event Straight From Industry Experts
How do you know the appropriate amount of money to charge people to come to your event? If you come up with a reasonable number, then how can you be ...
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