What’s Eventsburgh all about?

Eventsburgh was created to assist nonprofit organizations in getting out their messages through more effective event promotion. By creating a Charitable event posting site, nonprofit organizations become the only focus. In other words, not sharing the stage with for profit events. Simply put, Nonprofit/Charitable events and their organizations are where our passions lie.

Our event postings, interviews with “people that make a difference,” sections and our podcast reach make us a unique avenue for Charitable organizations and their supporters to reach more people. In a world of increasingly crowded messages and overflowing email inboxes, we feel our nonprofit organizations should be at the top of your inbox. We are truly geared for nonprofits so they do not get lost between the Broadway shows, rock concerts and football games. We are the one stop site for all things non-profit!

After a number of years working with Charitable organizations, our founder, Jill Kummer, has created The Event Technique designed to assist nonprofits through the tangled web of event planning, promotions, donor acquisitions and retention, sponsorships and so much more.