About Us

Eventsburgh, Yourburgh, Anyburgh, Events All Over the USA.
Eventsburgh is just a tad different than other event promotion sites.

As you know most social media users will see something they like including an event and share it but never get a dollar for that right?  And you can post an event and ask people to share it but what motivation do they have?

Here comes Eventsburgh!  Here you can post your events and ask others to share them and they get a reward, a few pennies here a few pennies there, whenever someone clicks on their “shared” link.  You decide how much and they decide how much by how much and where they share. Pretty simple!

Here’s how it works:

  • Post Your Event
  • Decide How Much You Want to Reward Others for Clicked Shares
  • Promote Your Event Through Others
  • We Do All the Bookwork, No Worries!

This is how Eventsburgh helps organizations, businesses, churches, schools and just about anyone, anywhere in the USA increase attendees to their events and shows.


Eventsburgh.com was started with a mission to help local non-profit organizations. In the original founder Tony Hsieh’s own words: “Having talked to many non-profit organizations in Pittsburgh and learned about their pain in spreading words for their upcoming events and raising awareness of their organization, Evensburgh.com was born to help marketing and promoting local events.” Although our initial target was non-profit organizations, local businesses quickly realized the value in adding Eventsburgh.com to their marketing efforts.
Eventsburgh.com was launched in September 2010 and promoted its 1000th event in May, 2011.

The website was acquired by JJ Media Group in Fall 2013 and offered up to the nation at large but soon found that some revisions had to be made.  In March of 2016, the new improved nationwide model of Eventsburgh was unveiled with a new slogan:   “Eventsburgh, Yourburgh, Anyburgh, Events All Over the USA.

Why Use Eventsburgh, Why Not?

  • It’s free with paid premium features IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE THEM. Occasionally and when you sign up you will be given free credits toward premium features.
  • It’s nationwide and you can activate any city or town by sharing events and getting others in your “burgh” to share also. So please use the SHARE buttons frequently and generously.  The more your promote it to your “burgh,” the more successful everyone will be.
  • Get people to promote your events by enticing them with credits moolah, real spendable for premium features on Eventsburgh.
  • We are continually acquiring local monitors for the “Burghs” around the country and they will be having local Eventsburgh events so you can get to know your audience. If you would like to be a monitor in your area apply here.
  • The gremlins running the Eventsburgh site will send out tips on a regular basis on how to plan promote and do post mortems on your events so that they work better next time. Please be sure to Sign Up to get our wild and crazy but effective blog tips.
  • Each week attendees or those interested in events in their area will receive an email from the Eventsburgh blog for events in their area.
  • Users can sign up for more than one area in case they do “cross bridges,”  unfortunately in the town where Eventsburgh originated most people do not, so that’s why we went national, we know you all cross bridges.

Upcoming Events

Montrose Market
1657 Westheimer RD, Houston, TX 1657, Jazmin (832) 307-3294 03/18/2019 12:00 PM
San Jacinto Day Festival & Battle Re-enactment
1 Monument Circle, La Porte, TX 77571, Lydia Duncombe (281) 479-2421 04/13/2019 10:00 AM
Big Bottle Thursdays
200 Centennial Ave., Ste 200, Manhattan, 286 10019, 06/26/2019 8:30 PM