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6 Facebook Like Methods And Tools For Events That Are Effective

Want to know how to utilize Facebook Live in order to better your events and propel them to a higher level? The team at Facebook Live shared some of the best methods and tools events should make use of to boost your events past any competitors.

Utilize “Live With” in order to project the view of the event attendees

The “Live With” feature is going to enable you to have people at your event relay your story to the people on their social media accounts. Just think of a large number of people at your event all going live at the same time.

Expand your reach by using what’s called live crossposting

When you use live crossposting what it enables you to do is place your Facebook Live on a different page rather than just your own. For example, if you’re having an event that’s sponsored by a certain company, then your event can be shared on that company’s Facebook page as well. You won’t even need to upload it more than once or directly share it.

Make use of videos that have been pre-recorded when going live

Did you know that your events don’t have to be live when you utilize the live feature? You can preset the airing of broadcasts that have been recorded already. This is what’s known as a premier. The only caveat is that it has to be something that hasn’t aired through Facebook or anywhere else for that matter. Viewers will be able to watch the broadcast and watch it again should they choose.

Provide close captioning for your broadcast

You may think that close captioning is something you should only use when you think there will be people who are hard of hearing of deaf viewing your broadcast, but this isn’t the case. Close captioning is able to offer more accessibility and this is crucial for every kind of event.

The better of a job you’re able to do with making event coverage available to all audiences, then the more popular it will be, the more everyone will feel included.

Use an external camera to go live or make use of a drone

A high quality viewing experience is crucial to the majority of people watching a broadcast via live stream. You having the ability to wire these live broadcasts through different devices besides an iPhone for example will enable you to take your broadcast from just good all the way to professional.

Place live videos directly on the website associated with your event

You don’t have to use Facebook alone in order to broadcast your live videos. You can expand its reach by embedding it straight to the website associated with your event. Just cut and paste the URL associated with your live video to the code configurator on Facebook in order to generate a code you can put directly onto a website.

These strategies might seem overly simple at first, but in the world of Facebook Live you have to make use of every option you have available to you in order to make your live stream stand out.

Some of these methods may work better for some then others or there might be particular types of events where one method is better utilized. In any case, your goal should be getting your live broadcast to standout and be seen so that in the future your chances of success utilizing the platform are increased even more due to being able to leverage past success.

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