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17 Event Signage Ideas That Boost Attendee Experiences

If you’re event doesn’t have the proper signage to guide attendees and assist them in finding what they want, then your event can go south really fast. Signs do not have to be dull or overly basic. You should make use of signs to highlight your organization and especially your sponsors.

The question is how do you create a wow element using event signage that isn’t just concise, but will leave a lasting impression?

Event signage that’s a must have for any event

After your event venue is taken care of and the site map is put together, you’ll want to go through attendee experience from the start all the way to the finish from their view.  Event signage that every event should include would be as follows:

*Food and drink vendors
*Electronic charging stations (if your venue has them)
*Ticket will call or registration packet pick up
*Informational kiosks/customer service
*Exit/thank you for attending
*Social sharing handles/hashtags

Fun event signage ideas that will please event attendees is essential. After all, you would like your attendees to read them.

Assuming you’ve decided where event signage is required, the next step is to consider how to make those signs exciting so they will leave a lasting impact. Every time an attendee sees a sign they should feel a little impressed by it. Take a look at these event signage ideas below in order to help yourself out:

Use stair wraps

Stairs are unexpected areas for signs to be, which makes them the perfect place to put a sign in order to leave a lasting impression while at the same time directing event attendees.

Social media photo zone

Photo zones create perfect opportunities for not just pictures and selfies, but also provides exposure for sponsorship and social media promotion.


The barriers you use at your event to direct attendees to check-in-points can be made use of to put place directional signage as well as messaging.

Use a graffiti wall

A graffiti wall can be a good way to promote social media information, but you may want to hire a graphic artist to help you put it together.

Natural Landscape

If your event is outdoors, you will want to make use of the landscape in order to highlight your signage.

Floor graphics

Adding floor graphics is not only creative, but it will also assist with helping with the flow of your event. The equivilent of leaving a trail of bread crumbs, if you will.

Helium marketing balloons

Balloons can work well for events whether they are indoor or outdoor. Make sure to have the balloon structure well anchored to prevent injury or collapse of the structure.


These work well for indoor events and outdoor events. You can use them to welcome attendees or direct them to registration.

Step and repeat wall

This is a backdrop that features repeating logos, which can work especially well for an event with multiple sponsors.

Make use of Gobo projections

These are screens you can put in front of light sources in order to change the way the light is projected. Particularly effective with organization or sponsorship logos.

Script balloons

These can be made use of in order to create event letter signs. Different colors and design types are available.

Free standing oversized sign

Oversized standing signs make it easy to get attention and they provide good photo opportunities for event attendees.

Neon lights

Neon lights can inject a sense of coolness and wonder to any type of event signage or message.


The good thing about props is that you can make use of them for virtually anything. Make sure whatever props are used keep in line with your event theme and non offensive.

Handwritten boards

These work perfectly for menus as well as seating charts. They inject a sense of personalization.


Occasionally, too much space is spent on chairs, tables and other furniture to not take advantage of it. You will need to get creative with this one to use the space effectively.


These work well for bigger events and are good at directing people who are not familiar with a venue. You can inject some creativity into these so they will stand out to your guests.

Topiary letters

Making use of greens, foliage and potted plants can be the perfect way to stop people in their tracks at your event. Eye catching displays will engage and entertain people.

The goal, of course, is to have guests depart with a wonderful lasting impression and ensuring their return to your events in the future.

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